Karate Lessons Sheffield

If you are considering karate lessons Sheffield has no better provider than Stan Knighton's Yorkshire Karate Centres. With expert instructors, sessions to suit all kinds of requirements, and a fun, supportive environment, everybody has a great chance of achieving their goals.

Learning karate is a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy whilst learning discipline and boosting your self confidence. Classes are also really good for meeting people. Sessions are engaging and attendees support each other as they learn, ensuring everybody benefits. Training together is a really fantastic way to build friendships.

Our main commitment is to making karate as accessible as possible. That is why we offer lessons for a wide variety of ages and all kinds of skill levels. Children from 8 years upwards and adults all learn together in a single class.  If you progress towards black belt and beyond we have advanced classes too.

The main thing you get by coming to us for lessons is you learn from one of the most experienced karate exponents in the UK. Stan Knighton has been training since 1964, becoming a 10th Dan black belt. He has competed at European and World levels and also been actively involved in promoting excellence in the martial art.

Over the years Stan has developed an array of training systems that provide real benefits to students. The classes are inspired by these, ensuring they are well structured, safe, engaging, and, most importantly, fun.

If you are still not sure we suggest you take a look at the testimonials on our website; they will tell you exactly what people think of our lessons. We are proud to have built a really great reputation and long term relationships with many of our students.

For further information about specific classes please view the schedule on our website, contact our team, or stop by one of the clubs and speak to us personally. We are happy to provide information and answer any questions you may have. We are proud to be the most highly reputed provider of karate lessons Sheffield has.  We also have online karate lessons for beginners and a selection of Shukokai kata dvd's for sale