Kids Karate Sheffield

At Stan Knighton's Yorkshire Karate Centres we provide classes for a wide variety of ages and skill levels. Our team are passionate about the martial art and the benefits it can offer, including the impact on health and fitness as well as the way it builds self confidence. We hope to instil this same passion in everybody. This is why we are the number one for kids karate in Sheffield; the lessons we teach are really beneficial from an early age.

What sets us apart is the quality of the lessons we offer and how we structure them to ensure everybody gets the support they need to achieve their goals. Stan Knighton is one of the leading exponents of karate in the UK and actively works to improve standards in the martial art. Debbie Knighton and the other instructors are equally highly trained.

In terms of classes we offer classes for children aged 8 years upwards. The children train together and build great friendships as a result.

Children aged 7 and over train in our main class, alongside teenagers and adults. This makes every lesson very diverse, with people of different ages and skill levels all training together. The benefit is it can push everybody on and motivate them to keep learning. We always find it surprising just how many things we can learn from people new to karate and experienced hands alike.

Families are welcome to attend the main classes together, allowing parents to train alongside their children. This can help them to build their relationships whilst having fun and staying fit and healthy.  We also have online karate lessons for beginners and a selection of Shukokai kata dvd's for sale

Children can start learning with us from an early age and continue taking classes for as long as they want. We help them to progress through the grades, expanding their skills and knowledge in the process. Advanced classes are even available for students who want to achieve black belt or move beyond it.

If you would like to find out more about us please browse our website, contact us, or stop by one of our clubs to see a session and speak to us. We are very pleased to be considered the number one provider of kids karate Sheffield has.