Learn Karate Sheffield

When you want to learn karate Sheffield has a number of different providers to choose from. At Stan Knighton's Yorkshire Karate Centres we stand out for our experience, commitment to quality, and making every class as fun and engaging as possible.

All of our classes are led by highly experienced instructors, including Stan himself. This ensures they are properly structured and everybody learns in the correct way. Assistant instructors are on hand to support people who need additional help and ensure everybody is working to improve their technique.

There are classes to suit all kinds of requirements. The lessons are specifically designed to teach youngsters the skills they need to take their first steps in martial arts, including learning the all important discipline.

Children from 7 upwards and adults can all learn together in our classes. We specifically chose to do this to get people of different skill levels together. That way they can support each other, share their knowledge, and all look to improve.

The great thing about learning karate is you can keep advancing to and beyond black belt. With this kind of progression in mind we offer advanced lessons to teach the important skills necessary to make the grade.

In every single lesson we work hard to instil the same passion for martial arts in every attendee. Stan Knighton has been training since 1964 and competed at European and World level before moving on to helping improve standards in karate. You can feel that passion in each lesson.  We also have online karate lessons and a selection of Shukokai kata dvd's for sale

Children, adults, and full families can all come to us to learn karate in Sheffield. We offer lessons at several clubs in the area, a full schedule of them is available on our website. If you would like information we are always happy to help, simply get in touch and we will answer your questions. Alternatively you can stop by, observe a session and speak to us.

There are many fantastic reasons to learn karate, including improving your health and fitness, meeting people, and boosting your self confidence. We are confident you'll enjoy our classes and be on your way to achieving your goals in no time.