Self Defence Sheffield

Stan Knighton's Yorkshire Karate Centres are the best places to learn self defence Sheffield has. Karate classes are offered for people of all ages and skill levels, teaching them the skills they need to be able to protect themselves in various situations. They also instil the discipline necessary to learn the techniques and know when to use them.

The quality of training we offer really makes us stand out. Sessions are led by the most highly trained instructors and supported by passionate assistants. Stan is a tenth Dan black belt and one of the leading exponents of karate in the UK. Debbie Knighton is also highly qualified and leads a number of sessions too.  We also have online karate lessons and a selection of Shukokai kata dvd's for sale


We offer sessions for children from 8. Karate can be learned from this early age

 Families are welcome to take part and can gain a huge amount by training and learning together. The mixture of ages and skill levels is really good for pushing everybody on and providing a wonderful supportive environment.

Progress in karate is made on a grading system with people progressing through different coloured belts. Black is the highest in terms of colour but it is possible to progress further than this, advancing to first Dan, second Dan, and so on. In addition people can take classes to become instructors themselves. We are proud to offer an array of advanced courses for people who want to progress this far.

The thing that makes us stand out as the best place to learn self defence Sheffield has is we work hard to ensure everybody meets their goals. Martial arts are good for learning to protect yourself as well as keeping fit and healthy. Whether you are serious about progressing or just want to train as a hobby we can provide the right environment for you.

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