Kata DVD's


We have on sale Shukokai style Katas from beginner to black belt level


Volume 1 covers Shihozuki - Pinan Nidan - Pinan Shodan - Pinan Sandan - Pinan Yondan - Pinan Godan - Empi Waza - Sanchin - Tensho


Volume 2 covers Annanko - Jurokono - Jiin - Niseishi - Bassai Sho - Matsukaze - Tomari No Bassai

Volume 3 covers Bassai Dai - Kururunfa - Seipai - Kosokun Shiho - Suparimpei - Seienchin

There are a total of 22 Katas demonstrated by Sensei Stan Knighton 10th Dan in slow and normal speed versions plus the Bunkai demonstrations of what every move means  You can purchase single DVD's - 2 volumes or the full collection of all 3 volumes

There is also a limited edition (circa 1995) Pinan Kata book available for purchase

Just click on the package you want to purchase and your order will be delivered by Royal Mail 1st class post