" My daughter aged 8 years and myself joined Sensei Stan Knightons club and both of us really enjoy his classes.  He is very proffessional, highly dedicated, kind and friendly.  There is a very good atmospere in classes and I would recommend anyone to join our team." Mike Novic 


" I started nearly 3 years ago after being fed up just sitting at the side and watching my son.  I was really impressed by how helpful and patient the instructors and assistant instructors are even with a slow learner like myself."  Chris Ackroyd

 My daughter wanted to learn the art of karate and I contacted stan knighton who contacted me back , he was very helpfull and i felt at ease about enrolling my daughter into his classes . The classes themselfs are very well run by stan  and debbie and they also have helpers of various coloured belts who are all willing to help out in teaching his class . It is a very friendly and wellcoming class , non pushy , my daughter enjoys it and looks forward to going every week knowing that she will be looked after and trained well .I am also happy in the knowledge that my daughter is in the capable hands of a very experienced sensei and all involved". . . . . K wilkinson ( emma harper ) 


"The hardest part of karate is walking into the room the first time, I entered expecting a room full of scary black belts all waiting to show me how hard they can kick me.  The truth was quite the opposite.  The room was full of "normal" people of various grades who had all made the same decision as me.  I was made to feel very welcome and nine months later I am now in training for my fourth belt.  I see new people coming in every week -- most stay, they realise they are learning a great skill with a great set of people."  John Wiseman


I started karate with my Daddy, karate is fun as we get to practise kicks and punches and blocks.  At the end we have races against the adults and the children always win --- because we cheat."  Olivia aged 9 years


 "The Karate sessions you led for the Year 6 children were excellent.  Our children thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to experience a form of martial arts and it really developed their stamina and focus!  It is something that the children and teachers are still talking about, showing that it had a big impact!  You really helped to reinforce our healthy school messages to the children in a meaningful and interesting way.  Working with a visitor like you helps the children to understand the importance of the messages we are putting across and gives them fresh enthusiasm."  Nook Lane Junior School 


"After being told by my doctor to loose weight It was suggested by my granddaughter,grandson and daughter in law to take up karate and join them training. Being a young 61 years old I was a little apprehensive, but I need not have worried the help and encouragement I received from the rest of the class and sensei was tremendous. Since joining the exercise has contributed to my loosing 3 stones in weight and I have now progressed to my being the proud holder of a yellow belt,hopefully orange in September. I have worked it out that if everything goes well I shall be going for my black belt when I have reached my 65th birthday. So in conclusion age is not important if you fancy a challenge and want to meet people who go out of their way make you welcome come down to you local Sku Karate club and who knows we may meet and train together."  Grant Froggatt ‚Äč