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We now have a new Online training aid which we are developing further

There are currently over 4.5 hours of videos on the website and the channels are

Warm up and Stretch

Karate For beginners

Hokei Kumites - 1 to 15 plus fitness test

Grading Syllabus - Red Yellow Orange Green Blue and Purple belt

Katas - 22 Katas demonstrated in normal speed and slow speed in front and rear views

The grading syllabus videos will be extended to include brown and black belt

This is a big step forward for your training as the videos are streaming online 24/7 so you can log in anytime with your mobile phone, laptop and other internet connected viewing devices and check out for instance one of the 22 Katas or a belt syllabus

The videos are currently offered online at  for anyone to subscribe to at a cost of £12 per month  Subscriptions are on a recurring basis one month at a time and can be cancelled at any time.

Club members get a 50% discount so the cost to members is just £6 per month

To subscribe just click on the ONLINE KARATE VIDEOS menu at the top of the page. When you sign up you will need to enter your name and e-mail address and set up a recurring payment with either Paypal or credit/debit card

At the end of the payment process you will see you can enter a discount voucher code which is sksmember24

This will then reduce your payment from £12 to £6 per month

Once set up you will be able to immediately access all the videos on the menu

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